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Siret River Basin

Siret River Basin is located to the East, North-Eastern part of the country, bordering to the West on Somes-Tisa, Mures and Olt basins, to the South on Ialomita – Buzau basins, and to the East on Prut basin.

Where is it located?

In administrative terms, Siret watershed area includes territories belonging to 12 counties, respectively: Suceava, Neamt, Bacau, Vrancea, Botosani, Iasi, Galati, Buzau, Covasna, Harghita, Bistrita Nasaud and Maramures. The total population identified in 2018 was of about 2,664,000 inhabitants, and the population density being of 95 inhabitants/sq. km. The main urban agglomerations are: Suceava, Piatra Neamt, Bacau, Focsani and Ramnicu Sarat.

Relief of the river basin

The relief includes: the Eastern Carpathians, the Moldavian and Curvature Sub-Carpathians, the Central Moldavian Plateau and the Lower Siret Plain to the South and East of the watershed area. The mountainous area includes the Eastern Carpathians, with the maximum altitude in Rodnei Mountains (2305 m in Pietrosul summit). The Sub-Carpathians stretch to the East of Flisului Mountains and are made up of a sequence of flatlands delineated to the East by anticline heights of 700 – 1000 m.

The Moldavian Plateau occupies a relatively significant part of Siret watershed area (30%) and features a hilly and plateau relief with heights varying between 700 – 400 m. The plain area has altitudes ranging between 300-250 m, to the limit of the Sub-Carpathians and 20 -10 m in the Lower Siret Floodplain.

The land use in Siret watershed area is influenced both by physical and geographic conditions and by anthropic factors and has the following distribution: 58.29% forests, 22.7% agricultural area, 6.17% lands occupied by constructions and 0.67% wetlands area, etc.

Climate of the river basin

Considering the position of our country, Siret watershed area is characterized by a temperate climate, with increasing continental influences. To the West, the alpine climate is dominant and to the South, there are influences of the steppe climate.

Average multi-annual precipitations decrease in the high alpine area towards the plain area and even towards the valleys in the same regions, as well as from East to West. Average multi-annual temperatures increase while altitude from North to South decreases.

Total water resources

The total area of Siret watershed area is of 28,116 sq. km, representing a ratio of 11.8% from the country area. The hydrographic network includes a number of 735 surveyed water courses with a total length of 10,280 km and an average density of 0.36 km/sq. km. On the Romanian territory, Siret watershed area includes the sub-basins: Suceava with 34 coded tributaries, Moldova with 50 coded tributaries, Bistrita with 72 coded tributaries, Trotus with 41 coded tributaries, Putna with 19 coded tributaries, Ramnicu Sarat with 10 coded tributaries and Hantesti, Somuzul Mic, Soci and Carecna (without tributaries).

The total surface water resources in the Siret hydrographic area amounts to about 6,868 million cubic meters / year, of which the usable resources are approx. 2,655 These represent approx. 38.6% of the total resources and are formed mainly by the rivers: Siret, Moldova, Bistrița, Trotuș and their tributaries. In the Siret hydrographic space there are 21 important accumulation lakes (with an area of more than 0.5 km2), which have a complex use and amount to a useful volume of 1,206.121 million square meters.

In the Siret hydrographic area, the underground resources are estimated at 700 million meters (usable resource), of which 578 million meters come from groundwater sources and 122 million meters from deep sources.

Description of existing flood protection works

In Siret watershed area, there are 121 permanent reservoirs and 3 non-permanent reservoirs. Among them, 11 permanent reservoirs, 3 non-permanent reservoirs and 3 diversion dams are managed by the „Romanian Waters” National Administration, 14 reservoirs are managed by Hidroelectrica S.A. – Electrocentrale Piatra Neamt Branch, and the remaining reservoirs are managed or owned by SNIF, Fishery Companies, Town Halls, economic agents, natural entities.

As main flood protection works in Siret watershed area, managed by the „Romanian Waters” National Administration, there are 374.52 km of dikes, 438 km of riverbed regularizations and 195 km bank defense works.

Floods records

The most important maximum discharges recorded during the period of running the program for observations and measurements in the main gauge stations in Siret watershed area (the first 4 values) are shown in the table below:

River Gauge Stations Maximum annual discharges occurred (cubic meters/s) / year
Siret Siret 1193/1969 847/1970 828/1978 920/2008
Siret Huţani 866/1969 776/1970 676/1985 813/2008
Suceava Iţcani 1354/1959 1200/1974 720/2005 1710/2008
Siret Lespezi 1133/1969 1080/1974 1028/1978 2414/2008
Moldiva Roman 1140/1955 890/1985 1415/1991 1188/2008
Siret Drăgeşti 1900/1969 1768/1991 1949/2005 2930/2008
Bistriţa Frumosu 772/1970 703/1974 452/1978 471/1985
Bistriţa Frunzeni 704/1979 848/1991 880/1997 1205/2005
Siret Adjudu Vechi 2220/1969 1960/1975 2450/1991 2300/2005
Trotuş Vrânceni 1193/1667/1960 1700/1975 1510/1988 2845/2005
Putna Boţârlău 1000/1970 664/1981 1958/2005 858/2007
Siret Lungoci 2670/1969 3186/1970 3270/1991 4650/2005
Rm. Sărat Tătaru 282/1966 266/1969 274/1970 126/2005

From the analysis of maximum discharges occurred during the monitored period, a high variability of values in time and space is noted. On small rivers, where there are local flash floods caused by convectional rainfalls, dates on which maximum discharges and floods occur are extremely different.

The experience acquired in time leads to the conclusion that more general flash floods usually occur in the context of a retrograde atmospheric circulation of air masses re-taking up moisture above the Black Sea.

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